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Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, move over - the Jersey Rig is here...

By Kenny Twist

Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, move over - the Jersey Rig is here...

It’s been a long time since a new product has been introduced with such an effective fish-catching capability as Jeff Cammerino’s innovative lure called, Jersey Riggs™.  Although its appearance is not noticeably unique at first glance, its length, weight, circumference, density, and overall surface design has almost everything to do with its superior ability to make each day of fishing extremely productive.

The soft and pliable lure, which simulates larva-movement, is rigged by inserting the hook in its center, perpendicular to its length, leaving the tip of the hook exposed.  Inventor and tournament-winning fisherman, Jeff Cammerino, has dubbed this rig “the Jersey Rig” and recommends a twitch-pause-reel, twitch-pause-style of retrieval to attract and catch most types of fish (although Cammerino’s target intention was Bass).

When interviewed about his new product Cammerino said that he has “been developing this Jersey Rig idea and technique for years” within his competitive tournament endeavors.  Other tournament professionals, as well as the lay-fisherman, have attested to the Jersey Riggs™ superior abilities.

Cammerino claims that his Jersey Riggs™ are not intimidating to fish, as are many other lures.  He feels that the subtlety of the cast impact and the gentle motion of his recommended technique are less likely to spook fish because of its attunement with Nature.  He claims an unofficial 25-50% difference in a day’s catch.  This translates into more fish in a shorter period of time.  “I’ve caught 5-10 fish in two hours, where other guys were catching nothing all day,” says Cammerino.

Jersey Riggs™ - earning its rightful place in the world of great fishing.

Because of the overwhelming response to my article on Jeff Cammerino’s Jersey Riggs™ (June 6, 1991, vol. 73, #42, pg. 10), I am dedicating this article to more information regarding this new lure.  But it’s more than just a new lure - it’s a new technique as well.

Because of its unique composition and Jersey-style rigging (center-of-lure hook penetration, perpendicular to length of lure) Jersey Riggs™ is always in a suspended state, only momentarily floating on the surface - ever so slowly sinking.  When fished with the twitch-pause-twitch motion, the lure seems alive and easy prey from the fish-eye viewpoint.

Unlike the darting motion of other popular lures, Jersey Riggs™ has less tendency to frighten fish because it arrives gently, naturally, as would real larvae and it remains in a life-like, jack-knifing motion while almost never moving from the strike zone.  The problem that I have found with other lures which are bulkier and are recommended to be jerked through the water, is that not only is the impact of the cast intimidating to the fish, but by the time the fish recovers and considers, the lure is out of the strike zone and on its way back to the fisherman.

I can say from personal experience that Jersey Riggs™ catches fish - and lots of ‘em.  I can recall casting this lure into the gin-clear water of a New York State lake, as I watched a bass, that was 15 ft. from the point of cast impact, turn right around and circle the lure.  While studying the Jersey Riggs™ with discerning caution, the bass decided that it was safe prey.  In an instant, he was mine.

Other times after boats in front of me had abandoned an area thinking they had depleted it of fish or that none were there, the Jersey Riggs™ proceeded to catch fish for me in that very same area.  I have learned that if a Jersey Riggs™ is not catching fish in an area, there are NO fish there.

Bottom line:  Jersey Riggs™ seem to be irresistible to fish and to fishermen like me.


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